There exists a delicate balance between the illusory radiance of light and tangible essence of artistic form. It is a duo of profoundly diametric themes that enriches our world and influences the emotional quality of our being. It is through these connections that we discover the harmonious balance of light and art, and expertly guide the perspective of human feeling itself. Illumination itself profoundly affects our emotional sensibility and character in ways that are both obvious and unconscious. More specifically the technique of lighting and how that intangible relates to the concrete reality of our world is the resolving appraisal of successful aesthetic and emotional equilibrium. In practice, every lighting instrument and must have a specific identity and reason for existence within the conceptual world of the design. Through this, balance and tension of design is achieved. For example: Pin-spots have no specific reason to exist without Centerpieces; Centerpieces are not at their full beauty if not crisply lit; therefore the coexistence of Centerpieces and Pin-spots creates a beautiful and necessary tension of balance. Our driving principle is the imaginative application of lighting elements as a palette, transforming and sculpting a given space or performance into a dynamically atmospheric setting. Becoming a place that it has never been, a character it has never played.
Artistry personified