Principal Designer, Scott Davis

Scott is a multi-disciplinary designer working in event, entertainment and architectural lighting where he focuses on light as a medium to sculpt complex form into a cohesive whole while creating a sense of scale. His work considers not only light, but shadow as means of constructed form through balanced tension.
Prior to establishing the firm, Scott started his lighting journey in the theatre working extensively in New York City, on Broadway and as a Creative Director in event lighting production. Scott’s broad background and experience establishes a base of collaborative communication allowing the deep understanding of each client’s unique goals. Through this partnership of ideas beautiful lighting designs are created that harmonize with the production design and venue architecture. His innate expertise of lighting technology, lighting theory and design intuition allow him to conceive distinguished solutions of engaging innovative techniques for every project.
Each project is approached as a unique story, concentrating on custom details that deliver a distinctive look and feel while feeling naturally effortless.

Scott holds A BFA in Lighting Design, lives in New York City and Connecticut with his Husband. When not on site or in the studio you will find Scott committed to sustainable living as he works in the garden growing heirloom tomatoes or showing his prize-winning home-grown pickles, relishes and jams at local fairs. Scott has been a member of USA local 829 since 1999.